Precision Temperature Control


Quick and Consistent Cooling Speeds Up Plastics Processing.

As the majority of plastic processing time is spent in cooling materials, Turmoil has engineered chillers to specifically address this issue and increase overall productivity. Our tight temperature control allows for consistent product by reducing sweat and efficient cooling, allowing your machines to run throughout your process with little downtime.

Turmoil Chillers for Plastics Processing by Application:

Turmoil chillers can be used for plastic process applications such as: (Click on application to view recommended chillers.)

Why Work with Turmoil?

✓Established in 1989

✓Fast responsiveness

✓Chillers designed specifically for your applications

✓Industry specialists

✓Durable & reliable chillers

✓Fully customizable

✓1-year warranty after install

✓Rapid turnaround

✓High quality construction

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Download Catalog

Our Engineers Are Available To Assist You

Turmoil application engineers are specialists, available to help you select or design a cooling system to meet your specific needs. They are very familiar with your applications and our equipment. Turmoil prides itself on being able to provide accurate technical data when you need it. So, if you need help, give Turmoil a call.