Precision Temperature Control

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Machine Tool Cooling

Turmoil offers a complete line of oil and coolant coolers for many machine tools, EDM and high speed spindles.  

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Medical Equipment

Lasers, MRI's, linear accelerators, CAT Scans, centrifuges... Turmoil has the right chiller to keep them cool.

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Food & Beverage

Turmoil fluid chillers can handle batch cooling, ingredient water, cold spray, and jacket cooling for equipment such as mixers.

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Plastics Processing

Blow molding, injection molding  and thermoforming process that require precise temperature control benefit from our chillers.

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Chiller by Application

Find the chiller that will solve your temperature control problem by selecting a chiller by general application.

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Tank & Pump Packages

Custom sized tanks and various pumps are available to customize any of our chillers to meet your specification or application.

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Turmoil is a US manufacturer of industrial liquid chillers. We are completely familiar with the challenges of achieving precise temperature control while minimizing downtime in a harsh industrial environment. For many years, Turmoil coolers have set the standard for quality and reliability.